I have made a new website at http://drussellmrichie.github.io!

I am currently a post-doc with Sudeep Bhatia in the Computational Behavioral Science Lab of the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. I previously received my PhD in Developmental Psychology at the University of Connecticut. There I primarily worked in the Language Creation Lab under the mentorship of Marie Coppola, and in the SoLab under Whit Tabor. I was also a fellow in the Language Plasticity — Genes, Brain, Cognition, & Computation IGERT (which is now the Neurobiology of Language program), and an affiliate of the CT Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences.

My interests include cognitive science in general, and language in particular. I am interested in both language dynamics (how people process language over milliseconds, and create language over decades) as well as natural language processing of text for insight into cognitive, behavioral, and social science questions.  I use behavioral experiments, natural language processing, and computational modeling in my research.

My master’s thesis examined conventionalization of lexicons, using naturalistic data from Nicaraguan homesign systems and Nicaraguan Sign Language, and an agent-based computational model. You can find a video of me describing the work here (made for the 2013 IGERT Poster and Video competition). For my dissertation, I examined conventionalization and reduction of referring expressions, using experimental data from a charades-like task, and agent-based models extended from my master’s.

Here’s my vita. You can find me on:

E-mail: drrichie@sas.upenn.edu