I am a 6th year PhD student in the Developmental Psychology program at the University of Connecticut. I primarily work in the Language Creation Lab under the mentorship of Dr. Marie Coppola, and in the SoLab under Dr. Whitney Tabor. I am also a fellow in the Language Plasticity — Genes, Brain, Cognition, & Computation IGERT, and an affiliate of the CT Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences. In summer 2017, I will be starting a post-doctoral fellowship in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, with Jonah Berger and Robert Meyer, on their new Social Dynamics Initiative.

My interests include cognitive science most broadly, language more specifically, and most specifically, language dynamics (processing, acquisition, emergence in communities, historical change, evolution in our species). I mostly investigate these dynamics in the lexicon and in prosody, largely using lab- and field-based experiments, corpus analysis, and computational modeling. I also maintain interests in experimental design, statistics, data science, computational linguistics/NLP, and the like.

My master’s thesis examined conventionalization of lexicons, using naturalistic data from Nicaraguan homesign systems and Nicaraguan Sign Language, and an agent-based computational model. You can find a video of me describing the work here (made for the 2013 IGERT Poster and Video competition).

For my dissertation, I am examining conventionalization and reduction of referring expressions, using experimental data from a charades-like task, and agent-based models extended from my master’s.

My github profile with code for the above master’s thesis project and other projects. My CogSci stack exchange profile. My LinkedIn profile. My vita. Google Scholar.

E-mail: russell dot richie at-symbol uconn dot edu